Protocol return to presence at the cantonal COE.

The #ESPOCH represented by Ing. Jenny Basantes Ph.D. Academic Vice Chancellor delivered the 'Protocol and general guidelines for the progressive return to face-to-face activities of ESPOCH', to the Cantonal COE. In this extraordinary session, the progressive return plan was presented, which will be carried out in three periods. For the period April - September 2022, the sixth, seventh and eighth semesters will return to face-to-face classes. In the period October 2022 – March 2023, students from the second, third, fourth and fifth semesters will be incorporated. Finally, in the period April-September 2023, attendance will be resumed with first-semester students and the Admission and Leveling Center. This planning has been built with the collaboration of all the polytechnic levels and its main objective is to protect the safety of the entire polytechnic community.